Sorry to everyone who felt neglected during the last few months…

16 12 2008

…most importantly to Meredith, who I hope isn’t too upset now that I’ve been such a jerk and never called. I actually talked to Mike on the phone not too long ago and told him to say hello to everyone…of course that’s no excuse for being mainly concerned with myself. A short summary of stuff that I’ve been up to lately:

1) Read and prepare tons of texts for college

2) Prepare and give two lessons in school – that sucked really badly, by the way…

3) Prepare my lesson for my club’s winter theory course

4) Attend several glider-related meetings

5) Find time to relax and not go insane

….and that was only the most important things I could think of right now.

Then there’s band rehearsals, trying to write music, discovering that my skills are too limited for the stuff I want to play…and so on.

And now that all the hassle is finally coming to a pause, the holiday season starts and I’ll have to run around town and buy Christmas gifts, send emails and cards (naa, just emails…) and hope that it’s all over soon. I friggin‘ hate Christmas…Everyone’s trying to show their generosity by donating to charity while the rest of the year they don’t give a rat’s ass if there are poor disabled children dying of some unknown and/or uncurable disease in some orphan’s home in Nigeria… The good thing about this time of year is that there’s mulled wine in abundance and by tactically placing the Christmas market close to college, the town has given valuable excuses to students to show up drunk to class. Not that I would ever attend class after the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Or consume alcolholic beverages before going to class.

Whatever happens in the next few days – which will most likely be Christmas shopping insanity – I’ll keep ya updated. And maybe I’ll even find the time to call.