Project Full Beard and the end of the semester…

2 02 2009

Yeah, I never really was a friend of shaving. Neither did I ever really look good with a beard. Not that I ever tried growing it as long as to actually be able to call it that. But now that I’ve realized that – bearded or not – I don’t need to visually please anyone, because the semester’s over, it has become time to relaunch ‚project full beard‘. And I don’t care if anyone finds this interesting, I just thought it was something worth sharing since nothing much apart from that is going on in my life right now. The semester’s over, as mentioned above, the first two exams have been taken, I have (at least) two theses to write and spring’s a long way down the road. In March, I’m headed for Sondrio, Italy to do some alpine soaring and I’ve officially NOT registered for my pedagogy and psychology state exam, which means I’m taking it next year. So much for my tremendous progress college-wise.

The German government has come up with a nice little plan to motivate people to buy new cars. They call it „Abwrackprämie“ (wrecking bonus) – candidate for ‚word of the year‘. In short, it goes like this: If you own a car that is older than nine years, you’re paid 2.500 Euros if you put it to rest on a car graveyard (or send it to car heaven, to put it more euphemistically) and buy a new one. On top of that, if the new car you buy fulfills certain environmental requirements, you don’t have to pay taxes for two years. That means: it was never this cheap to buy a new car.

Here’s my personal favorite:

Peugeot 207

Peugeot 207

…..Peugeot gives you another 1000 bucks if you buy one of their cars.

’nother one?

Peugeot 207 in red

Peugeot 207 in red

There’s just two problems I’m facing now: 1) Who’ll pay? I’m a poor student, I don’t have money of my own. Donations welcome! 😉 2) How am I going to transport everything that I used to be able to transport in my Passat in this little thing?

Time will tell….