21 04 2009

…the waiting’s over. After I don’t kow how many weeks I’ve decided to update my blog so that the rest of the world can catch up with what I’ve been up to. First of all: It’s spring and with spring came some changes. As you can see below, the rabbit moved in about two months ago.

There you go.

Then, flying season’s started and the easter weekend was awesome weatherwise, which we took advantage of and kicked off the cross country gliding season with one 370 and one 380 km flights. Not stellar, but not bad for April.

See here.

Also, even farther back in time, I spent one week flying in the Italian Alps, in Sondrio, to be exact. Basically, the weather was great the whole week that I was there, except for one day. In the gallery above, see some impressions of the Swiss and Italian mountains, as seen from up to 4600 m MSL.

Lots of activities, not a lot of coverage. That’s just because I’m too lazy to hack everything into my computer at the end of a busy day. All I know is that I’ll be sitting in planes most of this year, because I feel I have some catching up to do. Everything else just really isn’t that important 😉 Just kidding. Of course working my ass of on a 20 page thesis is important, and of course working in general is important, it’s just never as much fun as spending time flying;)

Another thing that matters is the band, and we’re getting ready to record our first songs right now, so I guess there’ll be news on that pretty soon. Actually I’m in two bands right now, one of which (Adjust The Sun, y’all) plays some Melodic Death Metal with Progressive influences and the other (Aeons Rest) plays – well….Rock. Imagine it like a blend of Stone Sour, Alter Bridge and Tool. Tool without the uneven time signatures.

So much for now, I’m out, stay tuned!