The Infamous Cape May Party Weekend

1 07 2008

First of all – I want to apologize to MIKE and MEREDITH (!!!) for writing in German until now and by doing so keeping them from reading all the crap I have posted here. Now maybe some friends back home in Germany (home to the vice-European soccer champions) might not be able to understand all of my blabbering here, but I can switch languages every once in a while…

This weekend some of my fellow interns synchronically celebrated their birthday. And, instead of throwing just another party with truckloads of beer, barbecue and even more beer, they threw a party with truckloads of beer, barbecue and even more beer in Cape May, New Jersey. So there we were, 27 people in a house that is designed to hold 10 persons. After arriving Friday, the first thing me and the guys I travelled with did was get a beer and then move into our room. For some reason I had to sleep on the floor both nights we spent there, but, thanks to the fluffy carpet floor, I didn’t have too much of a backache in the mornings. Already having discovered a diner/family restaurant called „Uncle Bill’s Pancake House“ while trying to find the house Friday night, we decided to have a nice pancake breakfast on Saturday morning. What a place: Unlimited coffee refills, classic American pancakes with whipped butter and maple syrup, friendly waitresses (not too common in Germany) and a great atmosphere. Kinda reminded me of the opening sequence of Pulp Fiction („..everybody be cool this is a robbery!!“)

After getting stuffed with pancakes we started to make our way around Cape May. Even though cruising around the place in a very uncoordinated manner, we soon found a beach, where we first made contact with the ocean – or the bay, for that matter. Later we cruised to the boardwalk and had another swim and walk along the promenade. In case anyone saw a white G6 (with a Nebraska license plate) with 5 sort of dumb looking people with no shirts on, listening to absolutely gay music, rolling around in the streets of Cape May that weekend: that was us. After getting back from the beach, we made our way to ACME to buy some meat to throw on the grill. Hell, meat aisles in US supermarkets sure are one great thing. We bought approximately 6 pounds of steak, along with some shells as an entrée. Steak and seafood, as they say. On we went back to the party house (conveniently located, not far from a very quiet yet beautiful beach), cooked the shells, ate the shells, threw our half cow on the grill, ate the half cow. Washed it down with some Bud and headed down to the beach to watch the sunset (quite cliché, huh?). The whole thing had a somewhat sixties-hippie vibe to it (except having devoured a helpless cow beforehand – live and let live…). But we saw dolphins and even helped some stone age relic type of crabs back into the sea, because they were constantly being washed to the shore – on their backs…I wonder how these things ever even got to survive the precambrium with that survival strategy…Anyway. Saturday night party was awesome, lots of fun with lots of people I enjoy hanging out with anyway.

Sunday saw another pancake breakfast after the mandatory clean-up of the house. We produced about as much trash as would a family with three kids in one week. Needless to say, most of the items thrown away were beer cans and bottles.

After another stop-over at the beach we all gathered at a local beach bar to watch the European championships‘ final. I will not go into detail, but *coughboooooooringcough*….

Nutshellwise, it was a very chilled out weekend and I am looking forward to writing to you soon about my experiences in Boston, which is where we are going to go next weekend. (Independence Day, y’all!)

Peace, I’m out (a nod to Jon at this point)