Go Phillies !!!!!

31 10 2008

Yeeeah, they did it! Geez, I’m proud of the Phils, even though I don’t know anything about Baseball in general or the Phillies in particular. Only thing I know- they won the world series, the last time that happened was in 1980 and all Philly is going nuts at the moment. Judging by the emails I’ve been getting, there won’t be anything useful to do with you guys over in RA for the next few days. Thank god it’s weekend.

That, and Halloween (I’m expecting dumb German trick-or-treaters any minute, who haven’t really understood the concept of tricking-or-treating, since it’s pretty darn useless to beg for treats, then move on with nothing in hands and NOT playing a trick….it’s obvious that Halloween has no tradition here).

That said, I hope that everything’s going well over in PA and that the celebrations will be AWESOME! Wish I was there – I’m at least wearing my Phillies shirt tonight – REPRESENT!!! Also: When’s one of you guys coming over to Germany again? I need more Tastykakes and some more stuff that I can’t really get here – like Dr.Pepper 😉

And to round up this entry with something dull and boring: I need to write an exposé for one of my seminars, along with an outline of two horrendously pointless texts. But then, I’m off to Jon’s party. And boy, have we got one hell of a present for you.

Peace out, bitches!




2 responses

1 11 2008

you didn’t call me. or did i say i’d call you about the lift to jon’s party? i forgot. anyway…
and come on, writing that exposè-thing and the thesis is not that complicated at all, i did it today in about 2 hours time.

and, were there any trick-and-treaters? there were none at my apt… i guess they’re afraid of our non-existent dog. the reason why there is usually no trick after they were not treated is that most of the times their parents are with them (at least in my area) and germans would go nuts if someone threw eggs or something like that and call the police.

2 11 2008

i can’t really count how many trick-or-treaters there were on friday. it seems to go beyond my ability to count… 😉

and, then: thanks for the present. that is really one fucking hell of present. thinking about it, i think i’ll watch it once again, right now… „geh bidde!“

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