….as you may have noticed…

20 10 2008

…there is a change in layout to marvel at on this page. Instead of the Philadelphia skyline as seen from the Schuylkill Expressway, you are now looking at a panorama of the ‚Altstädter Kirchenplatz‘ in Erlangen. This has to do with the fact that I am now back in Erlangen and after two weeks of getting everything back in place (most of all my sense of day and night), there’s nothing really new to mention. The town still looks the same, the people I’ve met up to this point haven’t changed and it seems that time might just as well have been suspended for seven months in Erlangen while it went at a faster pace elsewhere. It’s really hard to think back on half a year of new impressions, new encounters and life-changing experiences when you come back to just the same old dull crap and all that you’ve seen seems to be overshadowed by this uncanny reluctancy to evolve. But before I get too philosophical, let’s look at the good things: I’m back in the arms of mother S, and apparently, I’m being missed somewhere…Just admit it, there’s simply no cooler person than myself 😀

Meanwhile, school has started again and it already seems that all my good intentions (study more, harder and more efficient) were only intentions and not implementable in everyday college life. I’m already now way behind in my reading assignments and I’m taking way too many classes. Some will have to be postponed to a later semester because with all the other stuff I’m up to – working, playing music, working in the shop at the airfield in winter, preparing my lesson for the winter gliding theory course etc. pp. – there’s not really time to devote enough attention to ALL the classes I wanted to take. We’ll see how it works out, latest in January, when I’m drowning in work for my term papers.

Oh and by the way: M, you need to update your blog more often…you don’t want me to get outta touch, do ya? Anyway, I’m off to the library now, I need to get a grip on all this reading material somehow.

Peace, I’m out.




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24 10 2008

finally… a new entry. a bit depressing, but anyway. we’ll get that fixed soon, i hope… 😉

btw: mittwoch noch gut heimgekommen? war noch ein ewiger trip… wär fast im zug eingepennt… 😛

30 10 2008

It’s ashame I didn’t extend your internship for another month so you could experience the Philadelphia Phillies winning the World Series of Baseball. For all you Germans who do not know what I’m talking about, click on this link:
Phillies Homepage
Needless to say, this town when nuts when the game was over. It‘ beeen 25 years since Philadelphia has had a championship team in any of the 4 major professional sports and 28 years since the Phillies last won the World Series.
The excitement can be compared to the reaction when Germany won the World Cup in 1990 when they beat Argentina.
Anyway, the city is planning on throwing a HUGE parade in honor of the Phillies. An expected 1 to 2 Million (with a M) people are expected to attend and celebrate this event.
I’m quite sure there will be plenty of handovers on Saturday as a result.
Go Phillies!!!

30 10 2008

Yeah…I meant „Hangovers“ no handovers.

My bad!

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